Drug Free Workplace

Save on Workers Compensation Premiums

A drug-free workplace policy forms the foundation for a drug-free workplace program; however, it is not the same as a drug-free workplace program.  Rather, it is one of five components.  In addition to a policy, a comprehensive drug-free workplace program includes supervisor training, employee education, employee assistance and drug testing.

Employee Screening

Background Checks to Drug Testing

Having trouble deciding on what to do?  Our team of experts will create a custom program to guarantee you are receiving qualified information that will add value to the hiring process while maintaining strict guidelines from FCRA, ADA, EEOC, or DOL.

Combine your Software

Sign Into One System

Tired of having to sign into multiple systems?  Interface your applicant tracking, screening, on-boarding, and payroll system.  You are empowered with 10,000 or more collection sites for drug testing, you deserve to be able to have the same access to your HR software.

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